About us

Ecuplace OÜ

Who are we?

Ecuplace OÜ sells ATVs, UTVs and SSVs ECU’s without speed limiters. The company has been established to offer the owners of street-legal vehicles the opportunity to drive their own vehicle in non-street-legal conditions like off-road terrain. Off-road vehicles are limited in speed because they must comply with European Union laws and regulations. Our goal is to offer customers an off-road ride that can be enjoyed with their own vehicle at higher speeds and in more powerful terrains. To this, we provide the opportunity to purchase an ECU without a speed limit from various manufacturers. The product range includes different manufacturers ECU without speed limit as example SEGWAY, CFMOTO, LINHAI, ODES, GOES, STELS. We are working to ensure that we can also offer products from other brands in the future. If you want to enjoy high speeds in the terrain, all you have to do is order an ECU without a speed limiter and exchange it for an old one with a limited speed. The ECUs we offer are only intended for OFF-ROAD conditions like driving on terrain. Driving on public roads is not allowed and is against the law.

Why choose us?

We offer you a separate model-based ECU without speed limiter, not a service to remove the original ECU speed limiter. It is not our intention for customers to use the ECU without speed limit in street traffic, which is strongly against the law. We want the customer to have a choice where they can use the ECU with speed limiter in street traffic and drive with it without any problems. It is also possible to pass a technical inspection test without any problems, which can be a problem with an ECU without a speed limit. If you have two ECU, you can legally drive your vehicle in the streets and at the same time the greatest off-road driving pleasure is guaranteed.